Ideas for SNB Capital

Thanks for taking out time to read this page.
Your team is writing one of the best research notes on Saudi Capital Markets. These research reports are designed for people that are already investors.
With a new workforce entering Saudi Arabia, I believe their first choice of investment would be to look at Tadawul and for that SNB Capital, should be their financial partner.
I believe a strong social media presence (Twitter and LinkedIn - where most of the new potential investors interact) with informative content (example below) can quicken the pace.

1. Your Research report as Twitter Threads and LinkedIn Posts

Crisp, eye-catching, and informative content in English (most of the new workforce’s primary language) that you have already written but isn’t shared on your social profile in the way it should.
Like this:
*I am using my personal handle as a draft only. It is not published. Please feel free to use this on your social media handles.
I have created this using your research note on Extra released this month.
Being Head of Research and Sales, and having 15 years of writing experience with the Pakistan Stock Exchange, I strongly feel that informative content works much better than simple links to research reports.
Target: Again, the new audience to join SNB as clients by presenting simple-to-read ideas that are already published by SNB Capital.
Other than that, for clients, I would suggest that SNB should have a weekly piece.

2. Convert Research Notes into Weekly Wraps and send as a Newsletter

A newsletter format email where each SNB’s publication (fundamental research, technical calls etc.) should be compiled as ONE newsletter email.
  • This will give clients one stop to read and engage with SNB’s research products
  • They would have a small summary of the core ideas your team published during the week (extracted from the research reports with one main image) with a link to the full note. This would work as a recap for them if they have missed your reports and also a concise version of all the pieces for a quick recap.
  • Target: Clients and subscribers that are already a part of SNB’s email list.

If you like I can:

If you feel that this can be an interesting idea to try, I can work with you to create informative content for Twitter and LinkedIn from your research reports for no charge at all.
Later on, if you feel if it's working and you are getting engagement on your social media handles, we can formally move forward.
Being in equity research and sales for 15 years + having a Twitter handle ( and a newsletter + doing the same for a South African broker specializing in REIT - I feel that there is a decent unexplored market that SNB should focus on.
Once again, Thank You for taking out time to read this.
You can reach me at
Looking forward,
Furqan Punjani