Hi, I’m Furqan Punjani,

➡️I help retail investors understand investing better

➡️I help financial institutions, research firms, & brokerage houses write better Twitter Threads, LinkedIn Posts & Newsletters.


I have 15 years of experience writing personal finance and investing articles (stocks and fixed income) + newsletters + informative Twitter Threads + managing daily client emails for a financial institution!


Financial Institutions? What I can do for you

I can write the most engaging social media content for you (Twitter and LinkedIn)!
Many online brokers fail to give retail investors what they want: clear and actionable ideas.
A 2021 survey by Trade-Ideas found that only 51% of retail investors were NOT happy with their brokers’ service.
I used to be one of those brokers, leading the research and publication team at a top Pakistani investment house.
Now I see the gap between brokers and investors.
You don’t need complicated jargon or data. You need a catchy story and a convincing case for buying or selling a stock.
I will turn your research report into viral tweets and posts!
Less Queen’s English, More simplicity!
Example? 🔽
I will make the most informative and engaging daily, weekly, or monthly newsletter for your clients.
Heading an equity sales department and a retail investor solution provider in Pakistan, I know what investors crave: clear, catchy, and actionable stock insights and reviews as end of the day email or newsletter that go beyond headlines and links.
With a newsletter that has an amazing 60%+ open rate and 10% reply rate, I know how to write newsletters that address investors’ challenges, interests, and goals.
I can craft customized and captivating email campaigns that keep your prospects and customers updated and informed with the data, news, and research you have already published.
I have done it for a South African client and I can do it for you too!
* If you are just starting out and don’t have a specific format, I have a few inspirations that will help you.
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Retail Investor? What I can do for you

I can help you take your most important financial/investing decisions better
Be it investing in local or foreign stocks,
be it buying life insurance,
be it simply choosing the best-saving vehicle, or
be it putting your entire financial journey on a piece of paper
I can help you!
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Learn Pakistan stock market investing through our Premium Stock Market Course
What is so Premium about it?
I have learned from the best - Mr. Aswath Damadaran - The Dean of Valuation. I contextualized the same for the Pakistani Stock Market Audience.
You will learn everything from understanding a story in the stock to bringing that story into valuations.
And a few things that no one talks about like:
  1. Which type of stocks you should never buy in Pakistan?
  1. Red Flags in a stock
  1. When to sell stocks and move into another asset class?
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Retail Investors - Get in touch
Drop me an email with your pain points regarding any financial instrument or your portfolio and I will search for a solution for you!

I am…

Furqan Punjani, and I have a mission: to help financial institutions and retail investors speak the same language.
I have been in the financial industry for over 15 years, wearing different hats as an equity researcher, a publication manager, and an equity salesperson.
I have seen how financial institutions produce research reports that are often
➡️ too technical,
➡️ too long, or
➡️ too boring for retail investors.
And I have seen how retail investors struggle to find clear, compelling, and actionable insights that make stocks stand out.
That’s why I decided to use my skills and knowledge to create content that works for both parties.
Content that increases engagement and conversion rates for financial institutions, and satisfaction and confidence levels in a personalized, simplified and engaging way for retail investors.
I have helped clients from Pakistan & South Africa achieve their goals with my content strategy.
If you are curious about me and how I can help you, schedule a 1-on-1 meeting ⬇️ with me or drop me an email. I would love to hear from you and work with you.
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